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(or, what USED to be J&A BBS's Homepage)

The time had to come.. Jockers & Aces BBS is as of now, Officially closed.

Jockers & Aces USED to be a Bulleting Board System (BBS)  in Athens, Greece.

However, times have changed. My studies did not permit me to keep this dream living...

During the Easter Hollidays, on the 15th of April 1998 I was forced to pull the plug.
It was the BBS's (and my own) birthday. The BBS was to turn 6 years old on that day...

I hope that what the BBS Contributed to the public was enough for it to be remembered..
I made a lot of friends, and a number of enemies during this 6-year period. I wish I could had meat
some of them better.. But life doesn't allways come as we want in. GoD works in mysterious ways...

Anyway, for as long as I manage to keep my Node#s active, I can be contacted using netmail or
echomail during vacations. For the rest of the time either with email (
or on IRC, usually late-night on GRNET, at #digitalnexus as jocker. Leave a message on the
memoserv if I'm not in...

For those (like me) who still can not handle the idea of the BBS beeing actually permenantly down,
the old "Jockers & Aces BBS #1" webpages can be found here.

And as a friend of mine would say...

That's all folks!

... for those who knew me,
who knew me well.
For those who didn't
just go to hell!


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